Balls Away 2015 Fundraiser a Success!

Balls Away 2015 Fundraiser a Success!

The Friends of Science Olympiad-Middle School held the 2nd Annual Balls Away- Race for Science fundraiser. One-thousand rubber balls were numbered and released down 14th street from Hillside to West on the 10th annual Roots & Rhythm Day this past weekend.

Congratulations to 1st place winner of $500 was Pioneer, 2nd place to Bresset & Santora Law Office and 3rd went to Jessie Murray. The proceeds will provide the Science Olympiad team with the necessary equipment to be more competitive at the state level.

The Wayne Highlands Middle School Science Olympiad team has placed in the top six at the regional competition for the past four years.This qualified them to go to the state competition held at Juniata College. The team participates in an Invitational held in Rustin, Pa in January to help prepare for the regional competition.The Invitational and the State competition require overnight accommodations which can be very costly.

In order to continue their success, the team needs materials such as robotics equipment, building supplies, field guides, and scientific equipment.

“It puts us on a level playing field,” said Arjun Fulp, Science Olympiad Participant from the Middle School. “In this past competition, our helicopter we built had broken and we didn’t have anything to fall back on. The other schools were able to afford multiple helicopter kits which gave them a better advantage.- this fundraiser is going to help us a lot!  We had been borrowing a kit that we had to return the pieces and start all over again every year, which was counterproductive.”

“Since we purchased our own kits, we have been able to put a single robot together and improve on it without having to take it apart for other classes to use. We were able to show other schools that we aren’t to be taken lightly!” said Andrew Latourette, 8th grade Science Olympiad participant.

With the new kits they earned a 2nd place in RoboCross at the regional competition.

First and second place teams at the state competition are able to attend the National competition.

Additional thanks goes to the Borough of Honesdale, Mayor Jack Bishop, Former Mayor Mike O’Day, Coaches Chris Roos and Kelly O’Neill, the Himalayan Institute and Friends of Science Olympiad for their support of this fundraiser. Balls Away!

Wayne County Commissioners Congratulate Roots & Rhythm on 10th Anniversary

Wayne County Commissioners Congratulate Roots & Rhythm on 10th Anniversary

Wayne County Commissioners

(Honesdale, May 1, 2015)…Calling Honesdale Roots & Rhythm  a “gift to the community” and an “outstanding event,” the Wayne County Commissioners issued a Certificate of Recognition to the festival’s organizers on the occasion of the event’s 10th anniversary coming up on June 20th.
            “How many times have you been told over the years ‘this could never be done’?, Commissioner Jonathan Fritz asked Roots & Rhythm board members, several of whom have been with the event since day one back in 2006.  Gail Tucker, executive director of The Greater Honesdale Partnership and one of the festival’s co-founders, said a lot of people really didn’t think they were serious about launching a festival that brought high-quality music and arts to Honesdale for free.
            “But we did it,” said Brian Fulp, chair of this year’s Festival and also one of the original organizers. “And it’s really grown, thanks in large part to sponsors such as yourselves, our volunteers and the community. When we started in 2006, about 2,000 people turned out. Last year, we had close to 6,000 people who came out to hear the music.”
            Each of the commissioners seemed to have a memory of one or more of the festival’s concerts.
            “My father didn’t attend a lot of concerts, but when I took him to see L’il Ed and the Blues Imperials at Roots & Rhythm in 2011, his eyes just lit up,” said Commissioner Fritz. “It was truly something to see. He was very appreciative.”
            “Music can bring so many people together. It’s really common ground,” added Commissioner Brian Smith, who is a musician himself. “No matter what your differences, you can all sit and hear the music together.”
            “I am not a musician,” chimed in Commissioner Wendell Kay, “but this festival does bring quality music and art to Honesdale and it’s a great benefit to our rural community.”
            Over the years, Roots & Rhythm has become an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt organization and won awards for its “green efforts” to recycle.
            The headliner for this year’s event is the Grammy Award winning band, The Kentucky Headhunters. They’ll be preceded on the main stage in Honesdale’s Central Park by The Alexis P. Suter Band, Professor Louie and the Crowmatix, and Chrissi Poland. Prior to the main stage kickoff around 1:30pm, local bands will play along Main Street starting at 10:30am  The family-friendly event also includes laser tag, “Tunes & Tales” storytelling with hands-on demonstrations of “living history,” and Honesdale Rotary’s Beer & Wine Garden.
            Commissioner Smith was so enthusiastic about this year’s headliners that the Roots & Rhythm Board voted unanimously to have Smith introduce The Kentucky Headhunters on stage.
            “I am honored,” Smith said. “Can’t wait!”
            The commissioners issued the certificate at their regular weekly meeting on April 30th. For more information about the festival, including opportunities to volunteer,
Photo seated left to right: Roots & Rhythm (R&R)  10th Anniversary Chair Brian Fulp;  R&R committee member Sandy DeGroat; R&R board members Lisa Champeau, Gail Tucker, Randy Kohrs; R& R committee member Cheryl  Badner.  Standing: Bill Bellhorn, R& R board; Commissioner Brian Smith; R& R board members Meica Drake and Deb Bailey; Commissioner Jonathan Fritz; R& R committee member David Good; Commissioner Wendell Kay.